The Frame (7'20'', 2016)

A single, steady shot records the rising tide in the evening. Using sound and text, the film invites to think and experience beyond the boundaries of the frame.

The film plays with various forms of language: internal dialogue presented as printed text, the voice of a soldier who wonders what the filmmaker is filming, and replies of the filmmaker which are also shown as onscreen text. While reading the voice of the filmmaker rather than hearing it, the internal voice of the viewer becomes that of the filmmaker who is standing by the shore waiting for the waves to fill the screen.

Edinburgh International Film Festival – June 2016, UK
Hamptons International Film Festival – Oct 2016, NY, USA

Directed by – Lars Koens and Demelza Kooij
Cinematography – Lars Koens
Music composer – Lars Koens
Editing / titles – Demelza Kooij
Voice – Rhys Jones