Salt and Coal (8'18'', 2014)

Video installation for mixed-media art exhibition at Cockenzie House, Scotland.

Cockenzie house played a pivotal role in East Lothian's salt and coal industry. Salt was extracted from seawater next to Cockenzie House and in metal pans heated over coal fires. Slim, tall chimneys remind of the coal mining history that dominated life for centuries in the local area.

Captivated by this history Demelza & Lars took the two materials salt and coal with which they created artworks: drawings, paintings, a video installation, and reliefs reminiscent of the sea, landscapes, route maps, traces of industry, smoke, dirt, and the people who lived here.

Left: stills from the video.

Cockenzie House, Scotland, August 2015

Directed by – Lars Koens and Demelza Kooij
Cinematography – Demelza Kooij
Music and sound design – Lars Koens
Editor – Demelza Kooij

Woman – Caitlin Jenkins
Miner – Pete Smith