I am an independent artist/filmmaker and senior lecturer in fiction and documentary filmmaking at Liverpool John Moores University.

My work is presented at film festivals, museums, art exhibitions, and conferences. Highlights are winner of the Jury Prize at the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival for Wolves From Above, Wroclaw Media Art Biennale, Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma, Hamptons, Full Frame, and Edinburgh International Film Festival.

After finishing an MA in Philosophy (University of Amsterdam) I completed an MA in Documentary Filmmaking (Royal Holloway University of London). I'm currently finishing a PhD by practice about depictions of animals and landscape in film. I am also in the process of developing my feature debut Wolfpark (exp. 2019) with Lucie Tremblay (Lowik Media, Canada) and Anita Norfolk (Folkfilm, Norway and Mosaic Films, UK). We have a trailer on request.

With Lars Koens I have written a chapter about the juxtaposition of voice-over, sound, and image in a selection of Peter Mettler's films (Chapter 7: Creative use of voice in non-fiction narrative film: an examination of the work of Peter Mettler).
// available here

Previously I was tutor at Edinburgh College of Art / University of Edinburgh and worked at Scottish Documentary Institute.

Kooij is pronounced as: coy

Demelza Kooij